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Mortgage Industry Public Relations Services

OnPoint PR and Consulting develops dynamic, effective public relations for mortgage companies Our objective is to work with mortgage industry clients to develop dynamic, effective public relations. OnPoint PR and Consulting leverages more than four decades of experience as public relations executives, editors, publishers and project managers to form in December 2011.

We have one of the most experienced, effective public relations teams in the mortgage industry. OnPoint identifies stories and develop compelling documents around them that will motivate the press to write stories about you and draw potential business partners to contact you.

The firm understands the mortgage business and how your services and products fit into the business better than anyone else. And we have the results to prove it.

Editors and reporters respect our work because we deliver news that they are interested in. We have credibility and we have long-standing relationships with journalists — many of whom we worked with during our previous careers.

Consulting to Reduce the Expense of Advertising and Exhibiting

OnPoint can advise on ways to minimize the expense of advertising and trade show exhibiting — two critically important, strategic investments — while maximizing their returns. Frequently, the savings is several thousands of dollars, a service no one else in the mortgage business has the skills and experience to deliver.

Find out today what OnPoint PR & Consulting can do for your mortgage-related business. Call us at 908-967-9964 or send us an e-mail at info@onpoint-pr.com.

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