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About OnPoint Public Relations & Consulting

About OnPoint Public Relations Agency for the Mortgage Industry

About OnPoint PR and Consulting an agency for mortgage public relations OnPoint PR and Consulting was formed in December 2011 by public relations executives, editors, publishers, and project managers totaling more than four decades of experience in the mortgage industry.

The aim is straightforward: To develop dynamic, innovative public relation campaigns catered to the needs of servicers, specialty servicers, lenders, and technology firms in the mortgage business.

Experienced, Efficient Financial Public Relations

To ensure that OnPoint PR attains that goal every time, for every client, the firm's management team is one of the most experienced, efficient, public relations teams in the mortgage industry. OnPoint executives identify stories and develop compelling documents around them that will motivate the press to write stories about our clients, and lead potential business partners to contact you.

OnPoint can advise on ways to minimize the expense of advertising and trade show exhibiting, two critically important, strategic investments, while maximizing their returns. Frequently, the savings is thousands of dollars, a service no one else in the mortgage business has the skills and experience to deliver.

Editors and reporters respect our work because we deliver news that they are interested in covering. Along with our well-earned credibility, we have long-standing relationships with the press — many of whom we worked with during our years in publishing.

What Clients can expect from OnPoint during the first 90 days of an engagement:

  • Review the client's marketing and technology development and schedule press releases and other documents to coincide with that schedule and key industry events.
  • An initial meeting to develop the company's business focus and public relations strategy.
  • Schedule and lead a formal meeting with the client each week.
  • Gather technology upgrade and development plans.
  • Create a calendar for press releases, by-lined articles, press tours, and pitches for roundtables and conference speaking opportunities.
  • Create a public relations objective for each month and achieve that goal.
  • Develop and write two press releases each month that are released to the press.
  • Schedule press tours to New York, Texas, and Washington.
  • Review, rewrite and have approved a press kit, completed within the first 45-60 days of the engagement.
  • Perform surveys on trends that affect the mortgage industry, and release the results as press releases, research notes, and other documents.
  • Pitch press releases and other documents to journalists.
  • Record and edit podcasts and webcasts for the client's website and social media releases.
  • Advise the company on advertising and conference strategies.
Client communication and approval processes
OnPoint will never release a document without written permission from the client. We communicate with our clients through weekly meetings, as well as daily emails and telephone calls.

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